Sunday, 20 April 2008

TT Week 0

Well, nothing very happening happened this week. But it was a good week. It felt great to meet friends who were travelling all over the world. Had nice time catching up. As there were no major events, I am going to stuff this post with facts and thoughts....

So once again, it was really great to catch up with friends. This is the Trinity Term, the last term of our MBA program. So for these 8 weeks I am going to try to hang out with all those as much as possible. In summer most of us will depart to do our internships and SCPs. Then we will meet again for about 15 days in September. And after that everyone will be scattered throughout the world leaving a piece of hear here for the amazing years they had in Oxford and especially for the friends for life they made here. There are good chances that many of us won't see each other ever again. But thanks to web 2.0 things like facebook, we will be in touch....

Anyways... so this term I have six subjects. All electives. I selected three finance, one strategy, one marketing and one retailing. Five of six subjects need to form groups. For these subjects the groups are chosen by us. So once again got a great chance to work with friends and with some really interesting people. I am not expecting to deal with any group problems this term.

Other than this I need to form a group for Strategic Consulting Project in summer. We need to form a group of four and bid for different projects listed. One of the projects is from ICC about the impact of 20-20 cricket. Obviously I am not bidding for it. And obviously this will be considered by Indians. Anyways. Trying to get into some good projects. I have to find the team and bid before Friday. So this will be major work coming week.

Well some senti stuff and some boring facts... Don't want to drag it more. So this would be all for this week.

Thursday, 10 April 2008


Amazing 10 Days in Turkey. Last term I was dead bored to stay back in Oxford. So before that vacation ended I planned this trip and was looking forward to it the whole term. Finally it happened and I am glad it did.


The main intention of this trip was kayaking. There is a very small town at southwest Turkey called Gokova. I went for kayaking there with group. These guys are very cool and friendly. My instructor Yavuz is in adventure sports for about 25 years and he had pioneered rafting, kayaking and now kite surfing in Turkey. He had been Turkish champion for couple of years. His wife is into kitesurfing. And they are just cool. I had been graced with one nice dinner and and a superb breakfast at their home. I just had fun with them. And kayaking was amazing. Thought I didn't learned everything I needed to, still overall it was great experience. One day we went to a tour of an island having remains of about 3000 years old civilization. Another day we went for whitewater kayaking. All very cool. I guess snaps will give the better idea. There are also some videos in this album.
Kayaking in Gokova


This is again 2500 years old roman city. The city is in good condition. I rented a car to go there. There I realized that Turkey has good infrastructure. And Turkish dogs are just same as Indian dogs, they like to chase cars. I don't understand this concept. I mean I am sure that these dogs know they can't kill and eat the car. Then why to chase it. Complete waste of time and energy in chasing something completely useless. I don't know why dogs behave like a humans sometimes.....

Another thing is number of cats in Efes. I counted two things in Efes. Number of cats and number of Japanese woman tourists aging above 45 (How do I know the age?.... well, you just know....). The formar was 34 while the later was 37. Now I might have missed some and might have been counted more than once as they all look the same. And all of them were looking fat and content (Last two lines refer to CATs only). The city has so much history associated with it that I won't even bother to write it. But I am glad I visited it. Here is another album.


Very conjusted city. The part I am in is very touristie with many tourist attractions. But this part is beutiful. Just check the snaps.

Overall I got to explore wild and serene part of Turkey, visited ancient city and Istanbul, once a cultural capital of world. Very nice and memorable trip. Also this was my first long term travel alone trip. And first time in non-English speaking country. Very good experience.

Now back in Oxford and trying to get out of holiday mood for the last term of MBA....

I still have got sand in my shoes: Check this video :)