Sunday, 15 March 2009


Well… Almost six months after last post….

Actually, I don't have a job yet. Well, technically speaking, I have a job. I am a co-founder and officer at Kogent Consulting. The consulting company I have started with my MBA classmates Nilan and Pranjal. We went through a great deal of work to set up this company. We are at the last stage of our first project and are bidding for second one. This is one hell of a job. We are doing some really great things. I have travelled a good amount for this job and have learned many many things about starting a company.

But I think I have waited for really long to get the job and write the last post. I am not sure how much more will it take to get one. And I think I need a closure for this blog. I have another perfect reason to do so. The blog URL says Days in Oxford. I am finally moving out of this wonderful, youthful city on 14th March. So it only makes sense to close this blog with this closure post.

The future still seems bleak. I think I am going to keep trying for a job and keep working for Kogent. In short I am going to keep hoping for the good. But I have no doubt in my mind that 2008 was one of the greatest year in my life. Here are some of the best days in past six months.

Cool Trip to Wales

Mom and Dad back in India

With sis on my birthday in India

In Saudi Arabia for Kogent work

So ladies and gentlemen, It has been an honor!

See you around!

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