Monday, 22 September 2008

The Last One (1)

The name of this post is exactly same as the last episode of my favorite TV series FRIENDS. They had two parts of the last episode. I have FRIENDS DVD collection that I have watched so many times that I could even repeat the dialogs of almost any of about 250 episodes. But I have seen 'The Last One' only once and not planning to see it again. For I am like most of the people who can't take it. I guess I won't be alone when I am saying that I can't take the end of the most beautiful things that ever happen to my life may it be a nice movie, a great book, close relationship or an Oxford MBA. I knew it is going to end even before it started and I was preparing for it for long. But still it is hard.

Today I submitted the Capstone individual assignment (along with five others of friends who are not in Oxford any more). This was the last of the last things associated with my MBA. I am leaving my room located between two of the Oxford's dreaming spires at a historic and beautiful ship street in an hour. Every night I used to come back to my room, I couldn't help but had a feeling of living in a fantasy land. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Knight or a Dragon pass bye on that street. So it is like waking up from the dream now.

Nonetheless, This is the second last post on this blog. Just like FRIENDS, there will be "The Last One (2)" that I will write when I will land on a job.

I take this opportunity to thank you all for being with me throughout the year. This no doubt was the Annus Mirabilis of my life. And it wouldn't have been this much fun without you all.

I guess I have already put enough goodbye fuss on the blog past few days. So as harder as it is, I will keep it short. I still have thousands of thoughts I would like to write and many close friends and dear moments I would like to mention. But will just borrow the lyrics of LeAnn Rimes

Sometimes the time comes along

When it's time

Time to move on

You'll still be there

In everything that I do

And wherever I go I'll remember you

Good Luck all and see you around!!!

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