Monday, 15 September 2008


I guess while I am writing about things that changed, it will be interesting to write about couple of things that did not change during this year...TT DN C

Still proud vegetarian. It is hard to survive at many places here if you are vegetarian. But so far I have managed to continue surviving without killing and intend to continue this for rest of my life. Live and let live....

Still not a party person. Oxford is certainly a town of parties. Great deal of people spend great deal of money on great deal of parties and consume great deal of liquor every week end. I tried hard through out the year. But still I am too dumb to understand the rational behind getting dressed and go to dark place and jump on floor with people you don't know. No offence to people who enjoy it. In fact I envy the people who can just throw away all the rationals for a while and just enjoy the beats. Guess just not my cup of tea.

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