Friday, 19 September 2008


  • Four Oxford MBAs can not connect Wii for their life
  • Eleven Oxford MBAs including a french guy took more than 10 mins to figure out which way to go for Eiffel tower at Paris Metro station
  • A type A could be very considerate and good friend
  • The more people try to hide a secret, the more it becomes obvious and exposed
  • working in team was the most difficult part of MBA for most of us
  • Almost quarter of MBA class mistook Radcliffe Camera for Bodleian Library
  • British food, if there is any, is a big joke
  • About 30-40 MBAs used to live in RAC and about 150 other MBAs knew the passcode to enter in RAC
  • I found a caterpillar in my Sambar at Halal Munch.... most people continued eating there after they heard it.....
  • I would like to know if any MBA read all, or at least 90%, of the cases given as 'essential reading'
  • On an average, an Oxford MBA printed 2500-3000 pages in a year
  • At Oxford-Cambridge varsity day, Marc Waychak, Oxford MBA, jumped into cold Thames at Cambridge for 70 quids bet. A Cambridge MBA jumped after him for free... just to keep the nose of 'the other place' up
  • No girl, born after I did, made it to my MBA class...

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Bhaiyyu said...

Nice Read! would love to be there